Saturday, June 20

Get a Job in JAX During the Pandemic

Lyft car jacksonville

Lyft is looking for drivers in Jacksonville. If, for some reason, you are sick of collecting you Florida UI AND your federal bonus cheese, then apply for Lyft here. You'll get to get out of the house, take possibly-infected people around for rides, put lots of miles on your car, see Jacksonville, and get a tip from about 10% of your riders.

If this sounds too good to resist, use the link above to check out Lyft. You'll have to be 25+ years of age (or thereabouts), have a clean driving and sexual deviant record, and own a car made in the last decade or so. 

You don't have to be very likable or intelligent, and you can certainly speak in a very heavy accent. In fact, it might be better to have a ridiculous accent so that people don't ask you to take them through the Wendy's drive thru. 

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