Saturday, June 13

New Covid-19 Florida Dashboard

The lady who got fired from working on the official Florida Covid-19 Dashboard has create one of her own. Here's the link. Since I am merely a web designer (and not an infectious disease doctor), all I can say is that it's a nicer website than the actual government one, and it works better on my phone.

Since the numbers are way higher than the actual officially released ones, you'll have to decide who is right. Also, I assume someone who thinks the whole pandemic is a hoax may create another alternative dashboard with 0 total deaths or something like that.

A lot of the comments on the site talk about the importance of truth. I agree, but I also really hope with my fingers crossed that our government would be truthful. Sometimes, truth from the government does require some prodding, so I am fine with this alternative reality. If the new site is wrong, the government should have no trouble refuting the numbers with evidence. If the new site is correct, I hope the government adjusts its own numbers, even if means scaring people a bit. 

Here's a list of some of the people who have succomed to Covid-19 as given in the new website. It was kind of powerful for me to be able to read these short descriptions because it represents a diverse group.

List of COVID-19 Victims

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