Thursday, February 4

Siteground Officially Not Best Hosting Provider

Let's say you have an idea to build a website, or maybe you want to build a website farm in order to funnel people to your pyramid or ponzi scheme. It used to be that if you wanted to use Joomla to build the websites involved in your business venture, you'd choose Siteground. It was a level above the other hosts for both services offered and customer service. Plus, it offered special tools dedicated to helping those who preferred Joomla to Wordpress. 

I have built many websites, some for myself and others for churches and small businesses. I don't charge nearly enough, but I tried to keep things smart by using the best Joomla host out there and using the plan that best fit what I needed, namely automatic updates of the Joomla core. Why? Well, when you have a Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, or other CMS that's installed on a host, the core code needs to be updated once in a while. (Whenever you see a news article about tons of Wordpress sites getting hacked, it's usually because there are tons of people with outdated websites.) A great added benefit of building Joomla sites on Siteground was the autoupdate setting that I was able to choose, but now it's gone. 

Siteground "upgraded" to Site Tools from Control Panel. From what I can tell, at least a dozen important settings and tools were lost in the process, but the only one of importance to myself and all the others who had been sold on Siteground being any good at hosting Joomla sites was the ability to allow the host to handle all minor updates. 

Like all Joomla site owners, I'm looking for an alternative right now. If you are new to Joomla, and you see all those articles (including mine) that tell you to use Siteground, do not believe them. Siteground might be fine for Wordpress, but those hosts are a dime a dozen, and they certainly don't charge extra for GoGeek accounts with no benefits based on the new Site Tools downgrade.  

I am sure offering less to customers is probably the logical steps for hosting companies, since they have all kinds of clients locked in with $5.95 a month hosting plans and whatnot. It's just disappointing when I specifically paid more for a better plan from a better company and am now left MORE disappointed than in a few of the sketchy hosting companies I still use. 

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