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Should I Drive for Lyft in Jacksonville? Uber?

I know you're not looking for a job until all your unemployment runs out, but just in case you want a gig once that happens, give Lyft a month. $1500 is a good guarantee from Lyft because many of the rides will be crappy $3.19 rides from McDonald's to a seedy apartment complex. So if you focus on crappy, short rides, you'll make maybe $500 or $750 for your first 100 rides. Signing up with the link gives you maybe double your normal pay for your first month, as long as most rides are short.

The problem is that you can't totally control which rides you get in the first month. I'd say turn down all the 30-minute-plus rides, even if those make you more money. Get your first $1500 and 100 rides in as little time and miles as possible. In your 2nd month, try to find bonuses and long rides. After that first bonus month, find your niche, but don't pass up a top-off bonus like this one. That means jumping in with both feet and just giving all the rides you can until you get to 100. My bonus when I started was much lower (like an extra $100), and I was a little slow to get rolling, so I missed it. But you only get one chance, so make the most of it, and contact me for any advice. (I am, or was, a Five Star driver.)

100 rides will not destroy your car, so it's a nice little offer from Lyft right now. Follow the link to sign up. It's even good for past drivers. Figure 3 rides per hour. 33 hours to get to 100 rides if you get lots of short ones. Throw in the bonus to make around $45 an hour for that first month. Just focus on times when people might get to or from work, and avoid the airport. 

After your first month, you can play all the games and try Uber and delivery apps and whatnot, but it always comes back to making $15-$25 an hour before gas and other expenses. Maybe closer to $30 an hour if you rock the XL minivan. I would not make it my full-time job, but if you pick and choose alongside other work, it's good supplemental income. And you can head out whenever you feel like it. 

Earn $1,500 guaranteed by driving with Lyft in Jacksonville. Apply here, and give 100 rides in 30 days: 
Terms apply.

If you've driven for Uber before, then try this link. Uber will tell you how much you could be making in Jacksonville after you sign in. So if you gave up on Uber for a month (or a year) to try Lyft or some other delivery service, Uber wants you back now, and the company is paying lots of bonuses as incentives. However, Lyft's first month guaranteed is also pretty good. So is collecting unemployment from the federal government without putting miles on your car.

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