Thursday, August 31

Do Little Kids Roll in the Grass in Jax?

I know there's some saying about red and dead or yellow and fellow, and I'll have to review it before a storm surge sends snakes into my yard. Right now, I just say, "See a snake, walk away." I think that should suffice most of the time. What I really wonder is whether little kids roll around in the grass like my kids did when they were toddlers.

When I walk through my yard, I see ant colonies, roaches, and several mystery weeds. Also, my grass is that St. Augustine stuff, which is kind of like walking on hay in a barn. And there is that saying about a snake in the grass, too. Luckily, my kids are older now, so it's not cool to go for a roll around the yard like it once was, but I'll keep watching to see if it's an activity kids in Florida tend to do.

Having been moved in during the summer, it's kind of hard to tell what kids do for fun besides swimming or running through the sprinkler. I assume the park playsets get more use once the weather cools down a bit.

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