Thursday, August 31

Jacksonville, FL - The Worst Drinking Water?

You've probably seen the top 10 list of cities with the worst drinking water. Like the list that says Floridians are the worst drivers, this list is also flawed. Here's my explanation on my family blog.

In case you're not into reading linked pages and want all of your information on the first click, the basic idea is that many cities were not tested, some that were tested complained about the methodology, and the tests are now comparatively old. Maybe Jacksonville has gotten worse; maybe it's gotten better. JEA will tell you that it complies with federal regulations. There have been some spikes in certain chemicals, but nothing to call Ralph Nader over.

I personally do not like the taste or warmth of Jacksonville's water. When I lived in Milwaukee, it was cold, pumped from a cold lake. The water here just tastes like its been sitting in a barrel behind someone's house, but I am mostly convinced it's perfectly safe to drink. So I do drink from the bubblers (water fountains in your tongue). I prefer the ones that have a cooling mechanism because the colder the water is, the less I taste whatever it is that I'm tasting that probably isn't unhealthy for me.

If you're like I was, looking to see if you want to relocate to JAX, and you're wondering if the water is any good, I'd say just get a refrigerator with a filter. There seems to be a consensus among residents that the water is not great, but I have not heard of any outbreaks of Cholera, Typhoid, or Dysentery in the area, so I'm going to assume it's not the kind of water that's going to make you ill in any way. It probably tastes fine as Kool-Aid.