Friday, September 29

If You Don't Like Players Kneeling, Read Before Burning

I'm not going to weigh in on the debate as to whether players for the Jaguars should kneel, stand awkwardly with arms locked, or stay in the locker room during the National Anthem.

What I will weigh in on is burning your stuff. I've seen one local report, and then I read about one event that happened in New England somewhere. People burning their gear that they paid way too much for in the first place. Donate it instead. I know, there's a desire to counter-protest, but you may as well burn cash than a $100+ jersey.
Personally, I have one Reggie White Packers jersey that I wear every time the Packers play in a Superbowl. That's three times for me. Perhaps Jax fans have not worried much about needing such a lucky article of clothing. And maybe Patriots fans have become spoiled. As for me, I'll hold on to my jersey.
If you want to seek glory without burning valuable articles of clothing, then dress up a scarecrow in a white T-shirt with "Jaguars" written across it and burn that. You can even set him up in s kneeling position and hit the player ironically with a baseball bat. Add your old high school football pants for more effect. You won't need those anymore, unless the oceans rise enough for some kind of Waterworld scenario, since those make decent post-apocalyptic uniforms, along with your shoulder pads and helmet adorned with spikes.
But my main message is that there are many people in Puerto Rico, Dallas, and probably right here in Jacksonville who would appreciate your authentic NFL gear more than your fire pit.

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