Thursday, September 28

Jacksonville Needs a Menards

I am from Wisconsin, home of the most coupon-using folks in the country. It's no wonder Kohl's is based in that state. Deals, rewards, "cash" and never a full-price item in the store. Menard's is the home improvement version of Kohl's, and we need one here in Jacksonville.
The Menard's system is simple: low prices if you can wait. You wait for an 11% off anything sale or for a rebate. Rebate items are often free after the discount, which is sent as a store credit.
The quality of the goods at Menard's matches that of Home Depot or Lowe's. It's not like Big Lots or Ollie's, with their limited closeout selection. It's just a cheaper version of the home improvement store. One came to Overland Park right after we moved there from Milwaukee, so I'm hoping my luck holds in another new state.