Thursday, September 28

Jacksonville Needs a Menards

I am from Wisconsin, home of the most coupon-using folks in the country. It's no wonder Kohl's is based in that state. Deals, rewards, "cash" and never a full-price item in the store. Menard's is the home improvement version of Kohl's, and we need one here in Jacksonville.
The Menard's system is simple: low prices if you can wait. You wait for an 11% off anything sale or for a rebate. Rebate items are often free after the discount, which is sent as a store credit.
The quality of the goods at Menard's matches that of Home Depot or Lowe's. It's not like Big Lots or Ollie's, with their limited closeout selection. It's just a cheaper version of the home improvement store. One came to Overland Park right after we moved there from Milwaukee, so I'm hoping my luck holds in another new state.

Some of the stuff at Menard's is cheaper quality than the other home improvement stores. Other stuff is the same quality at cheaper prices. Some of the items are even made in the USA, in case that's a big deal to you. Mostly, it's just good to have some competition for Lowe's and Home Depot, since those stores kind of suck when there's a lack of competition. In fact, Home Depot even matches Menard's when there's a rebate sale now in WI, since they need to or lose business. 

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