Monday, October 9

Brooklyn Cyclones Fitted Cap in Blue With White and Red Logo

Sorry, I don't have this hat available for you to purchase. That's what I was trying to do in order to play with the Bold City Cyclones of the Jacksonville MABL/MSBL. But it's not as easy as you might think to find some other city's obscure minor league team when you can barely find your own city's obscure minor league team gear at any stores.

My last team was the Milwaukee Beavers, and we designed our own hats. Before that, I played for several bar teams, and the bars provided something. We always had Burghardt's in Milwaukee for custom team orders, and I think it was traditional for a lot of teams to use them.

The first team I ever played with after high school was called the Bandits. John Baho, Mike Scherrer, and the rest of the guys named our team after the Quad City Bandits because they liked the hats. Ironically, ordering 20 official minor league hats would have bankrupted our team before we played a single game, so we ordered cotton t-shirts and matching blue hats with a "B" on them.

Since I won't have my Brooklyn Cyclones hat in time for my first game with my new team, I'll probably wear my Bandits hat. Watch for me Wednesday nights at local baseball fields. Anyhow, the reason I wrote this article was mostly because I was searching for this Cyclones hat, not the white one that's on sale for $5. While I was searching for the hat, I found some other guy on Blogger wrote an article that just had a photo of his hat. That's stupid that Google showed me his article, but it's because nobody else is writing about Brooklyn Cyclones hats. At least not the ones in larger sizes, which I need. In fact, I would have bought the hat hours ago if I didn't need a size 7 7/8. You think I'm making it up and no one has a noggin that big, but I can tell you for certain that my 7 1/2 Milwaukee Brewers hat still does not fit, even when I've stretched it out for years. My head is 62.5 cm around. What's odd is that makes me 7 7/8 on one website and slightly smaller on another website. Either way, I need hat sizes that apparently don't always exist online.

Also, there's the fact that it seems four of the five main websites selling the hat have the same inventory, as in they are all the exact same friggin store on different domain names. But that's a whole other article about fake competition in marketing, if that's a thing. Then again, if you ended up on this website looking for the same hat I'm looking for right now, I guess you'd see me as doing basically the same thing in order to get hits. Except I make like $.001 for you showing up on my website, and those hats are selling for $30.00, so it's different.

Good luck finding the hat you need. Tell your manager that next time you want to be the Yankees. There must be a hundred Asian knockoff versions of Yankees hats, and they are carried at all the Lids and other stores I've avoided since I graduated college.

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