Monday, October 30

Local Haunts - A New Jaxperience

I was stuck with a weekend lineup that did not interest me, so I tuned into Local Haunts, mostly because of the cheesiest intro ever. It's a local Jax version of Ghost Hunters or the like. Steve Christian and Pamela Theresa are the stars of this show, and it's something. Steve is the tech guy and Pamela Theresa is the medium, meaning she can communicate with spirits without gear. The rest of the crew fits well into the stereotype of what a paranormal investigation team might resemble. What I mean is they seem legit in some way, like they LARP hard on non-investigation weekends. Or work as zombie or UFO-abductee extras in local college films.

In this particular episode (Green Cove Springs Jail Part I -- not the video embedded here), there was some other local news team along for the ride. The mixed team had lots of conversations with all kinds of background noise, so I couldn't comprehend much of what was said about the investigation or location. They entered the building and talked some more, and then came the first EVP Alert at the bottom of the screen. There were many of these during the show, and each time, we'd hear the captured audio several times, along with a best guess as to what the ghost was saying. I never heard what was supposedly said, but I could imagine the strange sounds seemed to sound almost like words sometimes...kind of. Not sentences, phrases, or meaningful thoughts.

The format of the show was fun if disappointing, continuing to promise irrefutable proof if only I kept watching. I did keep watching, so I got to see ads for Steve's book and Pamela Theresa's Medium in the Raw services. She seems to either take cash or clothing/services as barter for her readings. She has her own show, too, and it's kind of like that street magic guy I've seen on Youtube, except she's doing street seances. And it's not in a very dramatic way, but that's a whole other show. Literally, there's another show just about Pamela Theresa.

Back to the episode of Local Haunts, Pamela Theresa showed the guests how to feel the ghosts, who were apparently standing in a corner allowing PT and her guests to pet them by extending their arms in a way that might cause odd sensations, but I'd like to think it was the ghosts rather than some kinesthesiological phenomenon. It probably felt spooky and almost real.

I don't actually know what the reveal of the big proof really was, since the show seemed to suddenly be advertising the next episode before I was convinced. That's OK, since I got to see more of the title screen, ads for the book, ads for Medium in the Raw, and ads for a haunted brewery tour event. I would have been very suspicious if any really good evidence had been presented, like clear photos of ghosts wandering around the jail. I'm sure that's the most coveted result for any ghost show: unedited photographic evidence that shows something beyond odd shadows or dust orbs. I'll certainly watch that episode of Local Haunts when it happens, assuming I'm awake and there's nothing else on.

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