Thursday, November 2

Never Seen The Price is Right?

As I sat way too long at the Atlantic Beach Jiffy Lube location (I only chose it because of decent Google reviews), the TV was tuned to The Price is Right. That's not unusual, since the show has been a mainstay for decades. I used to watch it daily when I was in kindergarten and before. Then I'd catch it over the summer sometimes. And it got popular with college kids as Bob Barker got older. What surprised me today was a woman obviously in her 60s or 70s who said this: I've never seen this show before. It's pretty entertaining.

I'll grant her it was entertaining. Someone even spun a 100 to get $1000 and chance to go to the Showcase Showdown, so this new fan caught it on a good day. It just surprised me very much that in the last 40 years, she had never once seen The Price is Right. I wonder if maybe there wasn't a local CBS affiliate around here for some time... Nope, I found that Channel 4 was a major CBS station for many years (1949–2002), and then Channel 47, so no reason there.

The guy who spun a 100 later overbid by a couple hundred on his showcase, so the woman who underbid by $9000 won $30,000 in prizes. Never overbid! Anyhow, with over 8000 episodes and counting, I'm glad this lady got a chance to finally see it.  Maybe she'll discover Facebook and tell all her friends.

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