Monday, December 18

Funny News Stories in Jacksonville, Florida

I was searching for this website by using terms that had to do with funny news stories in Jax, but then I realized that I'd never really claimed that my own articles would be all that humorous. I'm not saying my writing isn't hilarious, but most people who write stories don't try to convince others their writing is entertaining... it's usually a natural discovery. Furthermore, I don't even try to be all that comical all the time, but even then, our brand of news is better than reading a newspaper with all those facts and ink.

The trick is creating the first time someone finds a website with humor or satire. Not every person who stumbles upon this website will write an independent article about the fun times had by all in reading articles about the First Coast that were slightly off beat. Therefore, I have to be the one to call readers' attention to the potential for parody or propensity for political playfulness. 

In fact, there are many ways people from the River City might try to find comical essays highlighting the buffoonery of those in the news. You might appreciate the flippancy of the farcical banter. Or the hetero-gaiety of the gags. The jokes, joy, and good old-fashioned jocularity. The wisecracking wit, full of whimsy.
If you're looking for boring or sensational news, there's always Action Jackson or Fist Coast or Times Onion. Those are legit newsy organizations. Serious news from people who can mostly spell and pronounce words. Not us. We twist the news for fun and gags so that you can pretend you have a sense of humor or an 8th grade education at the water cooler tomorrow.

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