Thursday, January 18

So DJ Easy E Made Up Duuuval Chant, But Did He Make Up His Name?

It's pretty bold to claim you coined a phrase, especially one that has suddenly become more popular because the Jags have figured out how to win some games. I'm not sure how many people would reach out to the local news in order to take credit for taking something others were already saying, but that's cool. I'll go ahead and take credit for 9-ohhh-fohhhhh right now.

Easy E is the local DJ who claims responsibility for the whole Duuuval chant. He's a DJ with V 101.5 and 93.3 The Beat. His tagline is "You're gonna hear me before you see me!" In my case, that's technically not true, since I saw him on TV in an interview in about 0.000000001 second, while I didn't hear him until 0.001 second. Basically, I saw him in a nanosecond and then heard him in a millisecond. Just spittin some physics.

Speaking of time, I wanted to find out the timing of the emergence of Easy E's own name in relation to Eazy-E. I assume that someone who coins a chant embraced by an entire city probably also coined his own DJ name well before 1988 when Eazy-E dropped his debut album with NWA. Then again, NWA totally stole their name from the National Wrestling Alliance, which I used to watch growing up.

I really need to digress here. Road Warriors. Gary Hart. Ricky Steamboat. Classy Freddie Blassie. Dusty Rhodes. Paul Orndorff. Terry Funk. Nikita Koloff. Ric Flair. The Iron Sheik. Jim Cornette. Harley Race. NWA, Homeslice!

Those wrestlers didn't use their real names, either, like DJs and rappers. Eazy-E was really Eric Wright. I could not find Easy E's real name, but I will assume it's something other than Easy E. I remember when there were two Dr. Dre's--one was on MTV and the other was also part of NWA (the rap group, not the wrestling group). I guess the one on MTV was Doctor, not Dr., but whatever. I don't believe either were medical doctors, but they were just as legitimate as doctors (in my book) as someone with a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from UNF. Maybe I could be Dr. Jax.

Anyway, Easy E is totally different from Eazy-E in the way it's spelled. Like New Jax Witty is different from New Jack City. However, I did try to buy both and, but they were taken. If you're the local guy who bought the newjaxcity website and wants to sell it, I'll give you $20.

I am sure Easy E DID come up with Duuuval. I'm not as certain Donald Trump came up with the term "fake" or Al Gore invented the internet. But Tipper Gore did try to censor NWA, so I guess it's all related somehow.

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