Saturday, February 3

A Garbage Bag Filled With Silver Pots

The Jacksonville IKEA was shut down because of a bomb threat that resulted in police spotting a suspicious garbage bag in the parking lot. It's a sad welcome to our city, but it's more the contents of the bag that interested me. The police spokesman said it was filled with silver pots.

While pots come in all kinds of materials, silver is rarely one of those metals. Therefore, the suspect should be easy to find. Since a 3-quart stainless steel pot weighs around four pounds, let's assume there were five pots in the garbage bag, or about 20 pounds of pots. If those pots were made of silver, they'd be worth $4,000 in silver. Anyone who can afford to throw away silver pots is probably very wealthy, so I'd start there.

I was surprised to learn that silver is indeed used in cookware, as I suspected the police officer was referring to stainless steel or aluminum. However, silver is indeed the best option for pots, if you have the cash. It's the best conductor of heat (even better than copper), it's totally safe to use, and it doesn't melt until 1750 degrees, so you can throw it in the oven or the pizza oven. Silver is soft, so I assume the pots thrown in the garbage bag got all scratched up. However, if nobody claims the bag of silver pots, I'll take them. I currently use stainless steel with a copper core, but I'd love to get my hands on some silver cookware.

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