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East Arlington Income by Race

I was looking through my Jacksonville neighborhood on the website when I saw something that was different from other neighborhoods in which I'd lived. While it's not necessarily true for Jacksonville as a whole, the East Arlington neighborhood has median incomes by race that was maybe surprising to those who don't live here. Whites are at the bottom of the median household income food chain in this area.

Here are the numbers and ordering, according to the website:
Asian - $91,500
Hispanic - $75,200
Black - $73,200
White - $68,700

In Jacksonville as a whole, Asians top the median household income list, too, but it looks a bit different than in East Arlington:
Asian - $65,600
White - $55,600
Hispanic - $41,900
Black - $32,900

While East Arlington is not the top of the Jacksonville list for total median household income, it does have an interesting diversity, with Blacks more than doubling their income in the city as a whole and Hispanics not too far behind.

I'm not sure if the numbers mean too much, other than most of the people in this area are on a fairly equal playing field when it comes to class (based on income). And it's not consistent with the rest of the city. I will enjoy finding out if these stats play a role in how people of this community interact with one another. My old neighborhood in Milwaukee looked more like this:
White - $66,100
Hispanic - $50,400
Asian - $48,700
Black - $38,500

That represents a big shift in income by race other than White. Everyone else in the area made about half as much as those living in East Arlington. My perceptions have already shifted BECAUSE I know these stats. My assumptions were based on years of living somewhere else. My family is in the lower income group now, though I am not sure what that really means.

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