Thursday, February 22

Sponsorship Opportunity For Your Local Jax Business

I've played baseball for most of my life. The last couple decades have been in leagues where sponsors help the teams to defray costs in order to gain advertising. But that was all in Wisconsin. Now that I'm playing in Jacksonville, it appears as if sports teams are kind of on their own. My coach says that he's tried lots of potential corporate sponsors with no takers. They claim that everyone asks, so they don't want to be selective. More like they don't want my business. My last coach sometimes sponsored the team himself, figuring he could make some sales with insurance or financial advising. That didn't last, since only a few of us took him up on the offer, so we went to the default tavern sponsorship.

I can see where Jax bars don't want to get into it, since we play baseball all over the area until late at night, meaning we might not show up to drink our value. But I have to wonder if there are other sponsors out there, and maybe some of the local ads can provide guidance. Keep in mind that we are new team looking to change our name and uniforms, so this is the perfect time to get in on the action. We've also agreed that we like Bold City as our city of choice, as opposed to Jacksonville or Jax or Duval.

Attorneys advertise all over the place, so why not on our jerseys? We could be the Bold City Gavels. Or Judges. Jurors. Clerks. Defendants. Felonies. Plaintiffs. Prosecutors. Maybe something more bold, like The Verdict. Or something Latin, like Amicus Curiae.

Car Dealerships
Bold City Hyundais. Chevys. Technicians. I'd like the Teslas or Ferraris. I'm sure Volkswagen could use some good press right now.

Big Pharma
These companies have all kinds of advertising money to throw around, and many of us guys are getting up there in age, so we could be the Bold City Viagras or Xareltos. Or Humiras. We could even have a list of side-effects printed on the back of our jerseys.

There's also a lot of money in banking. We could be the BOAs or Fifth Thirds. Wells Fargos. Or just Tellers or Bankers. Yeah, Bold City Bankers with a gold dollar sign on our hats. Sweetness!

Like most cities looking to land Amazon HQ2, we would do anything for an Amazon sponsorship. We could be called The Amazons or Amazon Smiles or Primes. The Alexas. I don't think we care. I know Jeff Bezos has a algorithm reading this right now, so AI with Amazon knows we'd be a good investment. In fact, Alexa...send us $2000. 

I'm sure now that Amazon is interested in being a sponsor for our MABL team that Google will join the bidding war. Our team name could be any Suite or app title, like Maps, Sheets, Slides, Calendars, etc. How about Bloggers? That's what I'm writing on right now. Play seems right for a sports team, too. Bold City Google Play.

If you're interested in sponsoring a baseball team in Jacksonville in order to get your brand out there, let me know. Especially if you have an idea that can humiliate a bunch of grown men. I played for several years with Leff's Beavers in Milwaukee, as well as Long Wong's. So I'm OK with just about anything on my jersey to make the league cost less.

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