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Profiles in Courage: Corey Simma

corey simma is cool
I saw Corey's first weather broadcast back in December of 2017. He seemed to be just a little nervous, but I couldn't blame him for that. I would have been nervous, too, moving from Amarillo, TX, (ranked 131 in market size) to Jax and our ranking of 42. Sure, it's just a studio with a few cameras, but all those people watching probably gets heavy. Even on a weekend evening.

It was fun to see a guy who has no business being on TV standing there, on TV. I like that once in a while. The camera was aimed high, so he looked like he was four feet tall. I remember taking Mass Comm 101 back in college, and there was this one person with disfiguring acne and generally unpleasant facial features who wanted to be a news anchor. I felt bad because I believed someone, somewhere was going to crush the dreams of this young person.

Maybe someone tried the same thing with Corey. Sure, he wasn't trying to be the hot-stuff anchor, so his slight stature might not have held him back all that much, and the days of the unqualified weather girl are all but over. But I have seen some of the lookers that read the weather on TV. In fact, my mom has watched Channel 12 News in Milwaukee for two decades because of Mark Baden, and I don't blame her. There's nothing wrong with getting a little extra sunshine during your blizzard forecast.

Back to Corey. He's no Mark Baden, but neither am I. Mark Baden is dreamy. Corey and I are average, but that's OK, since an OkCupid study found that women find 80 percent of men unattractive. So take that, Mark Baden. Here's what a guy like Corey does when he's not giving me my weather:
When he's not at the station, you'll find Corey playing video games, listening to music and playing music, watching college football or the OKC Thunder or boogie boarding at the beach.
That's great. I like to think I'd enjoy hanging out with Corey, even though he'd probably kick my ass in video games and boogie boarding, whatever that is. According to his Twitter (210 followers), Corey also wears or just enjoys crazy socks. And golf.

Sure, it's entirely possible Corey's not the down-to-earth guy I imagine, and he's out at fancy bars, driving flashy cars, and showing all the ladies his demo reel on his phone. That's probably true of some local newscasters, but I'd like to think Corey would rather watch Star Trek and eat Cheetos. Like me.

Also, if Corey follows me on Twitter (which I don't really use), I'll follow back. 

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