Sunday, April 1

Sumo Easter Celebration at East Pointe Church

I was driving with my family on Kernan on Easter Sunday after a walk in the park when I saw a police cruiser near the East Pointe Church. I figured the church was having some kind of afternoon Easter service and the cops were there for traffic control. The police force is used for church and school egress basically every day along Kernan, so it wasn't a surprise. However, a man wearing what appeared to be a sumo Mawashi was lying face down on a walkway near the church, so it didn't appear to be a normal Easter service. 

My initial reaction was that the man was perhaps protesting something. Maybe he was an Atheist who wanted to stop Christians from celebrating the resurrection of Christ. But now that I think about it, the church parking lot was empty. When I found the JSO call for service, it was for a "mentally ill person." It wasn't a call for a protest. Or an illegal sumo wrestling competition.  

Honestly, it would be kind of freeing to feel as if you could dress up in a sumo belt and nothing else and go for a walk. Of course, he wasn't very believable as a sumo wrestler. He was too skinny, but that made the situational comedy a bit better. It was like when I was in the West Allis Public Library back in Wisconsin when a guy who was clearly not in wrestling shape walked in wearing a wrestling championship belt. But that was West Allis, where I actually saw people tailgaiting in the library parking lot. But this is East Arlington, not West Allis, so seeing a sumo wrestler was surprising. Then again, I'm still new to the area, so maybe by this time next year, this won't even be a story.


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