Tuesday, April 24

Business Referrals in Jacksonville

I keep seeing planted ads in my Nextdoor email account, and it's annoying. I keep getting Alignable requests from when I lived in Kansas, too, and that's annoying. I don't like needing to figure out which of my websites will provide the best traction for an article, or trying to join the right Meetup group to get new jobs. Don't even mention Linkedin and social media. You probably don't like it, either, but we DO need those business referrals, right?

Actually, that's what I hate the most: people who tell me they don't even need a decent website because they get too much business already. What? I might be in the middle of building three websites right now for clients, but I could also use a line of people waiting. And if it came to it, I could use an employee or twelve. Why would I want to rest with just enough to get by? You don't want to do that, either.

If you want to email me or find my other websites, they are listed on the side of this blog. I'd love to refer local businesses if they are worthy of me writing something about them. But it's mostly just to get your business into the mind of some other person who can possibly purchase something from you. That's why I write this, and that's why you should bother to do something similar. Start a blog about your business, write a lot about what you do, and you will see that people will appreciate it.

If you need a website for that business, let me know. If you just need a blog, Blogger (like this website) actually works pretty well.

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