Wednesday, April 25

JAX GIS Beats Homebuilders In Naming Streets

I'm not even sure if there are street signs up yet in Magnolia Grove near my house, but Jacksonville's GIS map has the street names in case you were wondering. Actually, I just used the GIS maps to help Google Maps add a few other streets, so using it is kind of like going right to the source.

If you are going to move into Magnolia Grove, then be prepared to live on Sea Island Drive, if you buy a lot backing up to McCormick or along the side of the model homes. That sound refreshing. Except the OCEAN is down the road a bit, not the sea. Sure, it's basically the same thing, but I'm just talking about truth in advertising. And there's no island. Actually, there are no new ponds going in that I can see, and that seems like a problem (probably for adjoining neighborhoods). Just lots of big houses on tiny lots on Sea Island Dr.

Another street in Magnolia Grove is Carolina Cherry Way. By the way, if there are Carolina Cherry hedges planted here, be careful, since they are poisonous.
According to the North Carolina State University Department of Horticultural Science, the Carolina cherry laurel is highly toxic and possibly fatal if ingested. 
Just keep the kids and dogs away. Cats, whatevs. More than likely, KB Home is not planting any actual Carolina Cherry Laurels, and homeowners will likely avoid them, too.

The next road in Magnolia Grove is Golden Bell Drive. Not to be confused with Golden Beaver Drive, this street may be named after the Chinese version of the Emmy Awards. Or an actual golden bell. I don't know which is stranger. Wait, I found it: the 12th hole at the Masters in Augusta is the Golden Bell, apparently named after a Chinese flower (and not the Golden Beaver), which keeps the Chinese theme alive on Golden Bell Dr.

Last and not least at all (because you'll have the biggest lots): Tea Olive Court. This fits with the living tree or plant thing going on, as it's a fast-growing tree, which is needed in a neighborhood surrounded by two busy roads and lots of power lines. And the airport has a flight path you'll appreciate. This plant also seems to be more prevalent in Japan and China than in the US, but I think anything can grow in Florida, and possibly on Tea Olive Ct.

If we add this all up, we have a sea and island, several Asian and SE American plants, a hole at the Masters, and some poison. The streets have nothing to do with Golden Beaver, but I just like saying it. On the whole, it seems a bit sinister, like code for something. Perhaps it has something to do with the South China Sea, though I also wonder if there's a North China Sea. If there isn't, then why not just China Sea? Then again, why isn't there just one state named Carolina?

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