Sunday, April 29

Southern Living List of Bloggers in Jacksonville

It seems that Southern Living Magazine makes a list of top Bloggers to follow. I assume that since most magazines are just blogs with several authors, the fact is that most magazines are no longer really magazines, and authors aren't really journalists. 

It's not as if Southern Living is filled with poor writing. I actually wouldn't know for sure, since I have yet to read it. But let's assume it's like most other magazines, written by stay-at-home moms who are more clever than their counterparts who sell candles or jewelry at parties. 

The list of most important blogs to read more than likely gives a bonus to the top writers for the magazine, not an independent assessment of the best blogs in the South or in Jacksonville. So that's why I'm just mentioning my own blog as a top blog to read from Jacksonville, since I don't have a contract to write with Southern Living or Good Housekeeping or Ladies' Home Journal. Not even Cosmo. 

However, this is a top Jacksonville blog nonetheless. Because they all are. We all are. Anything that's more than just law firm or car ads adds to our community. Unless you're just a commenting troll on Jacksonville news sites. That's sad. Write a blog instead. 

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