Friday, April 20

This Blog Can't Wait For HTTPS!

I spent a few minutes today looking at local Jacksonville blogs, and there was a noticeable problem with most of the websites, most of them Wordpress: https. I'm always surprised when I see a new Wordpress theme on a fully-updated website that is not secure, but it's more surprising as Google is saying Zero Hour for ssl is this summer. I think it's just a setting, people.

Well, I don't really know what it takes on Wordpress to enable https. I don't have any of my own blogs or websites that use it, at least not on my own domains. In fact, I don't really like it all that much, but I'll probably find out what it takes to change it so that these local bloggers have someone to turn to when 90% of their traffic falls off.

But the reason NewJaxWitty can't wait for it is because this website IS ssl, and it will get all the traffic lost by the other bloggers. Well, at least some of the traffic. I'd say that literally 8/10 local blogs I saw today were non-https Wordpress sites. That means that if this website is ranked 50th or so, it might be in the Top 10 by this summer. Hooray for me!

What I assume will happen, however, is that Wordpress or hosting providers will reach out to these bloggers and swindle them into yearly security upgrades just in time. Blogger does https for free now, and my host (Siteground) does, too. But not HostGator (not even based in FL) and some of the more scammy hosts out there, so be careful.

I know, the sky is falling and you don't believe me. That's fine. This whole secure internet thing is going to be like mobile was a few years ago. I know your local blogs took that plunge, so you have fair warning about this one, too. Again, my hope is that you DON'T upgrade so that I can become Jacksonville's premiere blogger about everything jax.

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