Friday, April 20

Jacksonville Influencers Read This

It used to be that good writing might get you noticed. Creative ideas or a new insight had a place. But you can look at Holloywood in order to realize it's more about who you know or who you are than how well you write. Apparently, online writing has become, at least in part, about the influencers, and if you consider yourself to be one of that group from Jax, then read some of my articles and influence away.

Actually, I don't fully understand the idea of local influencers. I believe it's people who have a large following on social media and who retweet or post links to articles about the area. They might have this following because they play for the Jaguars or because they sell cars or because they have a lot of friends. Probably some politicians are on the list, too. And lawyers. Newscasters, too.

I just read that influencers can make a huge difference in a blog, and that 80% of my time on this blog should be trying to get the stuff I write read. And only 20% of the time should be writing. That's sad, but it's probably true. Unless, I suppose, a true influencer from Jacksonville decides my articles warrant daily posting. The articles do, really, but one of these big, important people has to think so.

Writing a niche blog isn't as simple as it would seem. I figured the same formula I used for my more national blogs would apply, but Google isn't any more help with the local stuff. Probably because I'm not in your feed, and people (including me) are too lazy to search for anything on Google, mostly relying on what the feed or influencers share to be worthy content.

But influencers aren't lazy. Those are the people who are out there finding interesting stories for us to read. That's why those people should scour this website for content that will create conversations in Jax social media.

According to, here are some local Jax top influencers. Maybe I'll tweet or something at them. @prissy_pig, @younglovemommy, @sprincentvango, @kira_killuminati, @anarbatskiy, @jaidendolll, @hotboy_cjd, @amberflowers, @makeup_me_creative, @daniellembradshaw, @roughhgem, @the_sockateur, @katielambert18, @jcardona85, @kese.themodel, @ahlers_emily, @lizzie_darden, @kaylapeloquin, @missportia928, @itsmicahmarie, @vip_jbubba, @tiffysimone, @natalieroush, @jaidengumby, @carpe_a, @lets_build_tribe, @colelocurto, @the_style_spy, @artsyabode, and @lightvoxx. Technically, the site lists over 500 more, but this is a start. I also think a lot of these influencers are about fashion, probably the only thing I have not discussed here, but it's somewhere to start.

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