Wednesday, May 2

Dr. G Medical Examiner - I Remember That Story

Dr. G said it herself that no one really knew much about medical examiners beyond Quincy. Today, we know other TV shows that make CSI, NCIS, or Forensics seem not weird at all, and that's probably the goal of the Dr. G show. Quincy was pretty awesome, though.

Actually, I only watched the one episode because I knew the story of the Morning Glory Funeral Home. I can remember telling the story to my students, which is odd, since the scandal took place way back in 1988. Even though it made national news, it was when I was in middle school and more concerned with listening to Bel Biv Devoe and staring at Kim during Confirmation Class.

It must be that the story stuck with me back then, kind of how I knew about the Jordan Davis shooting before I knew that Jacksonville really existed in real life.

The Dr. G show is really bad, so it's almost fun to watch, but not quite. It's like a boring documentary about medical examining that uses only dramatization of disgusting dead people stuff, but it's still so disturbing that you don't really want to watch. It could be because everyone's so dead, not like the hospital dramas where all the blood and guts are there to remind us that the doctors are trying to save lives. Instead, Dr. G takes pride in helping give a voice to the dead. Not at all creepy.

Anyhow, back to Lewis Howell and the Morning Glory case. He got less than three months in jail for the improper disposal of dead bodies. He basically left the bodies sitting around or buried them together to save money after getting paid by the city. But it's not even a good scam for money, folks. He had to deal with dead bodies whether he followed the rules or not. And he had to deal with even more and smellier bodies if he kept them hanging around in closets. And it's not like he got rich off the deal; at least he never built a multi-million dollar house on the beach. 11 weeks in prison for Grand Theft seems kind of weak, but it probably also had something to do with the fact that he was disposing of local paupers. It's also kind of weird to call stealing humans Grand Theft, not kidnapping. But that would be living people. And it's not murder because they were totally dead already.

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