Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Car Crashes into Sorority House; Not Exciting

Not a Jacksonville Sorority
I had visions of Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds dancing in my head when I heard that a car crashed into a local sorority house. I guess I was expecting too much, like that the car crash interrupted a pillow fight. Or that it was because of some kind of campus love triangle. Something titillating.

But this is Jacksonville.

Apparently, the car just went out of control and crashed into a house, probably just missing a pedestrian. It was a boring cinder block house, not some transformed old Victorian. While it seems there was a sorority meeting happening at the time of the accident, the news report didn't feature interviews with several sexy coeds.

The room that was busted up by the car looked like it had already been in pretty awful shape. It looked like a storage room, with lots of tables and shelves strewn about. I could imagine the sorority president walking into the room and saying, "This storage closet looks like a car drove through it! Let's clean it up in our bikinis. Wait, a car just crashed into it."

For those of you hoping for more sorority photos of local Jacksonville sororities, here's one: