Tuesday, September 18

630City Online Needs Its Own Help (And Will It Work?)

630city error
I just wanted to get a four month-old pothole filled. I filled out the form on 630city, which is Jacksonville's website for handling such things as Animal Issues, Ditch- Clean / Regrade Flooding Issues, Illegal Dumping on C-R-O-W, Maintenance MCC PICS Case Recap and Reports, Mosquitoes- Inspect or Spray, Nuisance Property, Parks - Maintenance, Permits - None BID, Pothole- Patch, Public Parking Issues, Solid Waste - Garbage Issues, Solid Waste - Recycling Issues, Solid Waste - Yard Waste Issues, Traffic Signal Issues, Tree Issue. I was cool with filling out the form, but then it took a long time to submit, and I got an error message. Oh no!

Actually, unlike most systems, I WAS able to hit the back button and try again, so it's supposedly in the system now. However, I wonder how many people just walk away after filling out the form and getting an error. If the error happens to you, try doing what I did.

Now the question will be whether or not the service gets done as promised. The website says that the 1st action should be in one day. I am not sure what the 1st action involves, but I assume it's someone looking at the request. The estimated completion date is in about a week, or five business days from initial submission. The pothole isn't huge, but it's big enough and deep enough to do damage to a tire/wheel, and that's why we fill them.

I have actually heard some good things about 630City, especially when it comes to replacement garbage cans. I am hoping to update this post with a happy ending, along with the recommendation that you don't just complain to your wife for several months about the pothole and then only complain to the city once you've driven into it. I received an email and was able to confirm the request is in the system.

When I checked back one day later, the work order now said, "In Progress." And it's highlighted in green, so that seems promising.

The work was completed on the next Monday after the request. I guess it proves that this 630City thing is good for those of us who use it. If you just complain to your wife for several months about the neighbors not getting it taken care of, then it's really your own fault. Just note the address where your pothole is (even if it's not in front of your own house) and use this system before you damage your chariot. 

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