Tuesday, September 18

Free Pool Use In East Arlington

I was picking some extra baseball shirts up from my coach today, and I realized that because he also works from home, why not let him come on over once in a while to go swimming with the kid? So I invited him. And that will probably happen soon. The whole scenario got me to thinking, however. I have this nice community pool that is mostly empty during the school day, and I could stand to make some friends who might need a website for themselves or their churches. Or not. It's still a chance to get to know some people who live close by and would like to hang out with my while I rehab my knee injury in the pool.

I know, it might seem odd, but the idea is that I have access to this pool every single day, as do my neighbors, but most of us don't care to use it every single day. Or much at all, really. And someone out there is contemplating putting a pool in or joining a gym for no reason. It's a nice pool, with a separate area for kids, and I'm cool with working from the pool and meeting some new people. Granted, this started out just offering it to my baseball teammate because I figured he gets a little stir crazy in the house all day. But if you have a kid and want to work from the pool, it's really a very Florida experience. Sorry, there's no wi-fi available, so you'll have to use your data, but most of us are on unlimited now, right? I can update my websites from wherever, including when at Disney, so it works for me to do my job while meeting up at the pool. Contact me if you're interested.

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