Thursday, September 6

I Miss Library Game Rentals

back of xbox 360e
Jacksonville has a public library. It's not open as many hours as it should be, but it's not a bad library system. However, it is lacking in one area that I kind of liked back in Milwaukee and especially Johnson County, Kansas: game rentals.

Milwaukee Public Library had PC software, some of which you could install on your computer. Most of it could only be played (legally) from the CD, but savvy tech types could create a disk image and install the games. Even if it was just a week, the kids liked the educational games available. I remember a few Sesame Street games, as well as some math games that were pretty cool. Most were older games, but it was still something different than just books.

In Johnson County, Kansas, I never found any PC software. However, our local Lenexa library had XBox and Playstation games. Since we had an XBox 360, we'd get games about once a month to try out for the week. I think they could be renewed if no one else wanted them, so we kept some for more than a week. It was better than buying the games, especially the lame ones. Again, it seemed like the library had decided against purchasing new XBox games, which was fine with us (since we had the 360).

Jacksonville does not seem to have PC software or console games. I suppose it's not a big deal, but it was nice to have for something different. Jacksonville does have music CDs and DVDs, so we take those out quite often. Just no materials for our PC or XBox.

Actually, I think board games, especially educational ones, would also be a good addition to the mix. Sure, pieces will get lost, but try choosing ones that can still keep getting checked out with a few items gone. I bet there are tons of families in Jax without the means or desire to own board games, but they really can be a good time for a family. 

In case you were wondering, here's the list of materials available, according to the JPL online catalog:

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