Monday, October 29

Parents Should Definitely Check For Meth Candy This Halloween

You can make candy look like cigarettes, and you can make medicine look like candy (like Ex-Lax or Pepto). But it takes a devious meth lab tech to make meth into candy and then distribute it to kids. That's the message from local news channels. Sorry, I'm not worried about this, and the normal check of candy should do just fine.

Make sure the candy is wrapped, seemingly by someone at a candy factory. Even if it's from your cheapskate neighbor who gets all the worst candy. If it's in a sealed plastic wrapper from a factory, the worst you can get is a certain percentage of insect parts mixed into the final result, and you'll never notice those. Perfectly healthy. Up to 60 insect pieces per 100 grams of chocolate, in fact. I bet that information isn't a big part of the Hershey tour. Maybe hard candy has less. Either way, the insects are totally dead and not going to get you hooked on meth.

Now, if you happen across some meth that's been made to look like candy, don't let your kids eat it. The good news is that insects don't tend to like drugs because they are generally poison, so there should not be too many insect parts in your meth candy.

If you're on the look out for more candy that's also a drug, I'm pretty sure you can get cannabis gummies and ecstasy is almost always made to look like candy. I guess most drugs can look like candy, yet getting them on Halloween hasn't ever been an issue before. So it makes total sense for the local news to call the meth candy to our attention. Not that the news has as a purpose to stoke unreasonable fear in order to get people to watch.

Make sure you check all your kids' candy to make sure it's legit. If it looks like it might be drug-candy, either throw it away or give it a whirl. You might also want to do an intervention if you think your kid is just hiding his stash with the rest of the candy, but that's probably not necessary if your kid is three.
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