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Local Business Website: Becky's Alterations

becky's alterations
As a local freelance web designer, I want to align myself with local businesses, so I figured I'd take a look at some of my neighbors on Google Maps.  First stop: Becky's Alterations. Sort of. Google Maps shows it being at the corner of Kernan and McCormick. I assume the business owner doesn't want people showing up at her house, so it kind of makes sense. Call the number to get the real directions, or else you'll end up at the power box with graffiti on it in the photo. Having another address on the website is not a terrible idea, even if I've never had some crazed businessman at my door at 3AM looking for a new website.

becky's alterations jacksonville
As far as Becky's Alterations website is concerned, it's just an older design. I like the fact that there are images of the work. Even some definitions about a foreign subject to me. I like the fact that the price estimates are on the website, too, even if that particular page demonstrates the difficulty in using the website platform used for the site. (I see it's an Open Resty site built on, which I assume is a DIY offering. You can see on the price page that there are overlapping frames that make it look like it doesn't quite fit properly, which is ironic.

According to Google, the following issues exist:
  • Text too small to read 
  • Viewport not set 
  • Clickable elements too close together
It's also not https secure.  These are all problems associated with older websites. The big deal in 2018 was sites being downgraded for not being secure, but the mobile sites being promoted by Google search has been around for several years.

All that said, Becky's Bridal still is #1 when I search for dress alterations in my area and has 5-stars on Google, which means it's a quality business with an owner who probably doesn't feel any clients are lost just because of an older website. These are the clients that are the most difficult to sell on a new website, especially if there's no desire to expand the business. But I'll just say this: I can make it modern, mobile-friendly, easier to edit, and more of a destination for under $1,000 and $100 a year for hosting. Plus, I'll save all the old content so that Google still finds the site. I'd just make alterations that make it work better rather than starting over from scratch. And it wouldn't be on Blogger, like this website, so it'll look nice.

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