Wednesday, October 31

What's Changed After A Year At The Fair

life isn't fair
Last year, I sent a link to one of my articles about the fair to the people at the fair. I got the response from someone who worked there that others who worked there would read the article. As my chance to get reduced (half price) advanced tickets expired, I saw that nothing had been done to make changes or address my opinion. So I guess we're still not going. And neither would most people if they paid attention.

I am sure police presence will be enhanced, and I'm sure it's perfectly safe for people who don't really want to fist fight inside the fair. However, the recent shooting inside a parking structure right next to the fair is a good reminder that everyone who drives to the fair has a gun in the car. And everyone who walks has a gun at home. And teens who walk or drive can throw punches until the get back to their homes or cars. No, I'm not worried about a mass shooting inside the Duval County Fair or in the streets immediately adjacent to the fair. It's just typical fair crime. Crime that's been successfully addressed in my hometown.

The fair representatives had this to say when asked about safety for 2018:
We're on our toes [...] It's as safe as we're trying to make it. 
The reasons given for this exuberant declaration of safety? More police and cameras. So there's someone inside to break up the fights and cameras so that those involved in the fights can link to video of themselves smacking someone down. And we know from recent shootings nearby that enhanced police presence simply cannot account for every gun, mostly stored in homes and cars.

The good news for the Duval County Fair is the number of new people who move to Jacksonville each year. I was fully prepared to take my family to the fair in our first year in town. And I was also prepared to take them this year if an age restriction had been adopted. Instead, I'll wait it out one more year to see if the new cameras do the job.
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