Saturday, October 20

Why Would Governor Scott House State Troopers In His Home?

I saw an ad that contrasted Rick Scott's leadership to that of Bill Nelson. Compelling stuff, but I had to wonder why he's doing one of the activities mentioned: housing state troopers in his own home. The video shows Scott talking to 18 or 19 state troopers in his great hall. So what's the deal with having to share his space with law enforcement officers?

Much of the leadership argument has to do with the latest hurricane, so I kind of assumed the officers were shacked up with Scott because of that, but why? Maybe it has to do with existence of two governor mansions. I assume that Rick Scott shares time between his 8,000 square foot, $15,000,000 Naples mansion and his 15,000 square foot governor's mansion in Tallahassee. However, it seems the Naples mansion is the primary residence, since there's a homestead tax exemption on it.

Since the Tallahassee mansion is twice as big as Scott's tiny Naples home, I assume he's sharing the governor's mansion with the troopers. It has 30 rooms, so there's probably space, and Rick can just head back to Naples if there's too much noise for him to do his work as governor. Or out to Montana to hang out at the ranch there. Oh, and the Tallahassee mansion is in the path of the storm, so it makes more sense.

It's probably very generous to allow a bunch of police officers stay at one of your mansions. I am sure Ann is keeping busy preparing meals and making all the beds. Perhaps Governor Scott sets on the porch with the troopers after a day of hard work with some cool glasses of lemonade. And maybe, on the weekends, Rick heads out to the patio to cook up some burgers on the grill.

By the way, since he likes having house guests, if Rick Scott would like to house my family in his Naples mansion when (if) he moves to Washington DC, I'd be willing to hang out there and take care of the pool for him. Or yard work. I'd pay the property taxes, but since they are $100,000, I can't actually afford to pay them, unless I can get hooked up with a sweet blind trust. So yard work.