Saturday, October 20

Simon and Garfunkel in Concert! Oh, wait, no

For a few minutes, I was all in. Even though I just saw Paul Simon on a TV show and he looked as old as dirt. Even though he didn't sound much better. Even though the only songs that really matter from Simon and/or Garfunkel are from 1970 or before. Even though the kids have basketball tryouts. I was going to get me two tickets to see Simon and Garfunkel at the Times Union Center.

I'd missed my chance to see Tom Petty. This was my opportunity to see another legend before he can no longer be seen. I didn't even really notice that the link was from the library, which normally doesn't send out promotional materials for rock(ish) concerts. I was surprised at the small venue, availability of seats, and fairly low price. An intimate concert with Paul Simon--I was hooked.

Sure, I was a little disappointed that my $40 seats were the final price, since I'd been sent a JPLREADS discount code from the Jacksonville Public Library. Still, $40 to see Simon and Garfunkel was something I was willing to pay, even if I'd have to skip out on the Cub Scout fundraiser nonsense that same night.

That's when I went back to the email, just to check on that discount code, and I saw a description that said there would be "huge projection photos and actual film footage, featuring a full live band." That sounded good, right? But then I wondered if the "band" meant it was some kind of orchestra concert playing Simon and Garfunkel. When I checked out the video, however, I realized that the band was real, but Simon and Garfunkel weren't. Looks like some young actors playing the role of the two singers (back when they were young). Then I realize the whole thing was a play. Here's the email title, which obviously had me fooled:
Special pricing for The Simon and Garfunkel Show by FSCJ Artist Series Oct. 25 Times Union Center
I'm sure if I knew what FSCJ meant or thought more about the term "artist series," I would have realized it was not a real band, but a band of actors portraying musicians (who I am sure sound better than the ancient singers today). But I was interested in seeing the ancient singers, together, one last time, for $40. Looked it up, and FSCJ is for Florida State College Jax, so that doesn't really help. My wife went and saw Christopher Cross or some other washed up 80s singer in Eau Claire, WI, when her college hosted a concert, so just because it's a college doesn't mean it's theater or fake stars. 

I guess the title "The Simon and Garfunkel Story" should have tipped me off, but they are storytellers in their songs, so I just went with it. Basically, I imagined it would be a show it was not, like when I got free tickets to see America play at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee and imagined they had another song I'd recognize besides "A Horse With No Name." Nope. 

I'm glad I stopped my order, or else I would have had to have explained to my wife why I rearranged our entire schedule and dragged her downtown to see a play. She likes plays, but not if I just got done telling her I was taking her to a concert. I hope anyone who actually shows up believing Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel would be joining them for an intimate concert still enjoys the show.

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