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I Guess I'm Still Tutoring; Getting Paid Might Be Nice

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I get about one call per month from people looking for a tutor, generally in the Milwaukee area. Most people leave messages and then I pretty much ignore them. I'm not really going to try to do some long distance tutoring with people who probably need some in-person help. However, tonight I did a little free tutoring, just because I felt like it.

Around 9pm Florida time, the phone rang. It was a 414 (MKE) number. A man who was taking education courses didn't understand how to write his three-page paper, so I talked him through what I understood the assignment to be. I basically gave him a simple outline, like I'd used thousands of times for students when I was teaching. Really, the man just needed confirmation that he was on the right track, as well as a reminder on how to incorporate quotes. Twenty minutes of my time to help him get his assignment done.

I've also agreed to take a look at a local man's creative writing. I told him he could buy me a couple of beers if we meet to discuss his writing at some point. I'm especially susceptible to helping people for free when it comes to creative writing, since I think so little of the creative content out there is any good. I just watched two films this past week with my wife that prove my hypothesis: Game Night and Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe. Those were painful movies to watch. Maybe someone I help will get published and we'll all be rewarded with better creative content down the road.

If you're looking for a local ELA tutor, I can probably be that person. I'm happy to work with high school or college students with writing or grammar. I am not a reading specialist, but I can help with ACT achievement in both reading and grammar. Of course, I'd like to get paid. I kind of abandoned my tutoring side job in Milwaukee because my first client paid me once, and then stiffed me on the second session. If you need some help, let me know. Here are some of the schools near me:

Jacksonville University
Florida State College at Jacksonville
Edward Waters College
Trinity Baptist College
Keiser University
University of Phoenix
Other online colleges

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
Atlantic Coast High School
Englewood High School
First Coast High School
Duncan U. Fletcher High School
Mandarin High School
Terry Parker High School
Paxon School for Advanced Studies
Sandalwood High School
Stanton College Preparatory School
Samuel W. Wolfson High School
Providence School of Jacksonville
The Bolles School
Episcopal School of Jacksonville
Seacoast Christian Academy
Foundation Academy
Greenwood School
Bishop Kenny High School

There are many more nearby high schools. I'm new to the city, so I'm sure I missed some schools. Use the contact form on this site if you're looking for some help in English.

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