Tuesday, December 11

Alien Movies Keep One Website Afloat

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I've gotten some attention with this blog, but I need to take it all with a grain of salt. The articles on this website are generally very specific. Besides, it's only been around a year or so. Other articles I've written have more than 10,000 views. Several articles, actually. That's a lot for websites not associated with news outlets or huge marketing campaigns. But one of my best articles, and one that's saving a website from extinction, isn't even mine.

It's an article about the Alien Franchise. Maybe one of the best articles out there on all the offerings. Or else the writer really wanted his article to be #1 and clicked on it thousands of times. I doubt that. What's crazy is that the article has remained popular even after the website became a subdomain because I no longer work for the school district. And nothing else on the website has been updated in years, basically. It's still considered to be an authoritative article when people want to know about Aliens. And Predators.

The plan was for me to delete the website to make room for some new ones I'm building. But whenever I see an article with over 10,000 visits, I have to reconsider deleting it from the web. It seems to have found a home, maybe as the short tutorial to other high school kids wondering about this aging movie franchise.

So I'll add a few ads, leave it up another year, and then see where I'm at. Unfortunately, if I have to decide between a new website that will net me $1,000 or an article on an old website that makes me $1 a year, I have to go with the new one. Unless I can guaranty that my descendants will get paid for the next millennia. But that's still only $1 a year in Google ads for 1,000 years.
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