Tuesday, December 11

Seven JSO Employees Arrested In 2018

The news ran a story about the seventh JSO employee arrested this year. Maybe it was the 7th officer, not just employee. With 2000 police officers, 1000 corrections officers, and nearly 1000 civilian employees, JSO employs about 4,000 people. Assuming seven arrests is a normal year, I wonder how that rates.

One in 38 people are arrested each year. Though I'm sure some folks are hauled in more than once, it's at least a ratio. If JSO  similar numbers to the rest of the population, then over 100 employees and around 50 police officers would be arrested each year. So 7 seems low.

About one in 29 Floridians get arrested each year, so above the national average. If JSO followed the lead of the rest of us in Florida, there'd have to be nearly 140 JSO employee arrests and 70 police officers hauled in by their peers each year. That's 10x more than the 7 reported.

Police Forces
I'm not going to research all of them. I looked into the ones where I've lived in the past, and I can't really find that they publicize this information. I guess it's a plus that we're transparent with how many arrests are made. On the other hand, I supposed the desired number of police force arrests we'd want is 0. But this is Florida, so I'd say 7 in 2000 isn't a bad number, really. Let's say 2000 people attend your church--you'd expect there to be less than 7 arrests for that church, but based on Florida averages, you might be surprised. Or 2000 students at your college. 

Another issue that might play a role in the lower number of arrests in police forces is that there's a mentality of getting away with stuff as a police officer. I had a friend in the Milwaukee police who told me to give his name if I was ever pulled over. In fact, I had about 10 friends on the force, which meant I had ten names to drop, but I never ended up using those names there, so I don't know the results of doing it. I do know that there's a brotherhood that makes it harder for the police to arrest one another, depending on the crime. And my one friend who was Internal Affairs (the police of the police) was respected, feared, and maybe disliked for his job. 

I'm not accusing JSO or any police force of corruption. I'm just saying that these are the guys and gals we expect to follow the law, so it's unfortunate when the news covers any arrests, even if there aren't that many. I don't like seeing teachers or pastors arrested, either. Then again, no one is above the law, so we really should be upset that 1/29th of the people in our state get arrested each year, even if many of those are repeat offenders or the same person being arrested more than once per year.

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