Tuesday, September 11

99.9% Better Chromebook Protection

I have a friend who sells Chromebook covers (Craniums), and he just got a comment from a school district that told him the screen protection offered by the product fixed 99.9% of the problems. Imagine that: buying something that can fix your problem 99.9% of the time.

Actually, the Cranium is a simple fix, so it kind of makes sense. It's like if I tried to use my bare hand or the wrong tool to loosen a nut, then went out and bought a ratchet. That would also fix my problem almost 100% of the time. Sure, I might still break a rusted bolt and need another tool, but not using any tool to begin with is what caused me to have the problem. Chromebooks have cheap screens. All plastic. They bend. The Cranium stops the bending. Simple.

One of the biggest problems with school districts and Chromebooks isn't the fact that these cheap computers have a high breakage rate because of the screens (all but fixed by the Cranium). No, the biggest problem is that sales of the Chromebook have kind of stopped their steep incline, and it's probably because of tech people or teachers unwilling to let go of Microsoft or Apple. You can get two, three, or four times the Chromebooks as other laptops or Apple machines, and as long as you're planning on using a wifi network, you're all good. Basically, Chromebooks are tools that fix 99.9% of the problems of having enough computers for all the kids. No, you can't run Photoshop or Word off the hard drives, but these things are nearly indestructible, once equipped properly.

I don't really know what Duval County Schools have for laptops, but if the school district wants to jump into the 21st century with computers for students, Chromebooks are really the way to go. You don't have to force teachers onto Google Classroom (not a great system), and you don't have to design all classes to use them all the time, but just ask school districts that have them, and you'll see that Chromebooks are a great tool and the best price. In fact, I still have mine three years later, still with a Cranium to protect it, and still doing all that I need it to do. A couple of useful tools. 

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