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Doctors and Hospitals You Should Never Visit

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I wish I could give you the right advice on this one, but I can't. I saw an ad for Morgan and Morgan wherein John Morgan basically says that he's old enough to say what he wants, and that there are doctors and hospitals he'd never use. Honestly, I'd really like to have that list. Wouldn't you?

I navigated to the Morgan and Morgan websites in hopes of finding the list of negligent hospitals and doctors. No luck. There were a few medical malpractice lawsuits and a few doctor names mentioned, but none are local or all that new. Just the big cases. There is an informational area that tells you when it might be a good idea to sue the heath care industry, but I didn't see a list of people and places to avoid.

I know, even most of you are cynical about lawyers (and I'm supposed to the cynical one). But just like I'd appreciate a list of roads to never drive on from a DOT worker, I'd also like a list of medical practitioners to avoid from a medical malpractice attorney. Not that I'd publish it on the website. Just so I know and can plan my next injury accordingly.

We're still trying to get a feel for the medical field in the area ourselves. We've had a lot of canceled appointments and a few overcharges in a little over a year in the metro. I can't say there are any doctors or hospitals I would steer anyone away from, but I have yet to meet anyone or gone anyplace that has deserved a five-star review. Mostly, I'd really like to know if any of our current doctors are on John's list of doctors to avoid.

I saw that a doctor recently filed a lawsuit against a former patient who gave him or her a one-star rating on Google with a detailed review of why the doctor was awful. That's dangerous ground if we take away our free speech to protect doctors. Then again, I've avoided restaurants because of a single bad review that could have been left by a disgruntled former employee. I'm sure even Morgan and Morgan don't want the heat of releasing a comprehensive list of doctors and hospitals to avoid, so I'll probably never get what I really want from the law firm.

I hope I don't ever have to call Morgan and Morgan after I've visited the wrong doctor or hospital. The best tools I have right now are the online reviews, so I guess I'll at least read those in the hopes people generally honest, whether they are old or not.
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