Tuesday, January 22

Free Offer to Federal Employees

government employees
I was trying to come up with what I could do to help local government employees to manage not having a paycheck right now. I made it my business goal to help others so that they might want to help me someday. While that hasn't worked out all that well for me, I'm still going to give it another try. I've seen all the suggestions that include selling items or starting a side business, and that got me to thinking how I could help those of you who need it right now.

If you have something to sell on Amazon, I can help. And I don't mean help, as in I take a cut. I'll just give you the methods I've used. I sell e-books, but I've also sold items with a friend that he produces, so either kind of business works. I can even provide you with UPC codes for free. At least one or two, not enough codes for every item in your house. Basically, if you have an Amazon account, you can become a seller or author. Even if it's all your relatives buying an overpriced memoir you wrote over the past month, it's still you earning money. Well, Amazon earns money, too, but so would GoFundMe.

Business Website
If you have a service you want to advertise, I can fast-track a new website for you. I'll get the domain name and set it all up with a new CMS that will at least have your contact information and a professional look, unlike that Facebook page you might have thrown together last week.

I will also be working without pay for the time being, but I'll help you get something established. When you get your paycheck again, I'll just charge what the website is worth at that point. I'm willing to just charge for the domain name for a year and go away if you don't want the side gig anymore. But if you're worried this shutdown is going to last a while or that there will be another one soon, just pay me after you cover your backlog of bills. My websites are under $1,000 and $100 a year for hosting. You don't want to have to deal with creating all this on your own, and this is a chance to get a business loan of sorts to get your business going.

I'd love to just give the websites away for keeps, but I'm already self-employed (like you'll be trying to do with the website), so I know I have to eventually get something from the effort, even if it's just paying back the domain name registration fee. I guess unless you get a website from me and then tell the local news about it (and my business gets mentioned on TV). Then I'll just let you keep the website free and charge $100 for hosting at the end of the year.

Any Teaching Experience?
If you are a former teacher who works in the federal government, I'm willing to take a look at your original teaching lessons in order to buy them. I'll put them on TeachersPayTeachers, which you could do yourself, as well. You might start out slow on your own, but once you get some lessons up there, it's something.

That's about all I have to offer, except the advice I have from the pitfalls associated with running my own business. But you may not have time to worry about those concerns right now. Contact me if you think there's a way I can help out, and I wish you the best.
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