Monday, January 7

Medicare For All; Build The Wall - I'll Go There

A majority of Americans want some version of Medicare for All. A majority of Americans want some kind of border control. Most Americans don't want years of government shutdown, no matter how much we pretend it's OK. And we don't want Trumped-up uses of a state of emergency.

I know, there was a conservative study that found that there "could" be trillions in savings with Medicare for All. Probably not, but 70% of Americans support it, anyhow (and 10% of people WORK in healthcare, so assume that's nearly a third of the 30% of doubters). It's also safe to say that 100% of Americans support some kind of border and immigration security. I hope.

Even if Medicare for All, in eliminating insurance middle men, curtailing doctor pay, and slapping Big Pharma with regulations, doesn't save any more than $5 billion, we could build our stupid wall. Steel slats. Giant moat. Whatever.

Where are you, Bernie? Propose a sweeping bill that would fund a big fence so that we can all get on with our lives and have some single-payer healthcare. Call it the Doctors With Borders Bill. If it's too much for liberals, add some arts funding to hire mural artists to create some giant paintings of people holding hands and whatnot. Those always make people feel better.

It's Nationalism, Mr. Trump. Call it Nationalistic Healthcare if you want. The best. Or call it I Really Don't Care Healthcare. Or Be Best Healthcare. Patriotcare. Screaming Eaglecare. Big Explosioncare.  Even Conservativecare.

Point is, we all really agree on this stuff, so let's do it.
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