Sunday, January 6

Meeting Someone Special First Sunday After New Years

The news teaser was that researchers have found that the first Sunday after New Years is a great time to meet someone. For dating, I assume. After watching the 10 second "news" story about meeting someone, apparently the first Sunday in January is the top day for people to join dating sites.

If this is the first Sunday of a new year right now, stop reading so that you can check out the dating sites immediately. If it's no longer the first Sunday, read on.

Probably all the weekends in January are big for dating websites. People are making resolutions to find love before Valentine's Day, since that's the most depressing day of the year to be without someone (or be married). I'm kidding.

The news also mentioned people tend to break up a lot at the start of the new year. My one friend growing up used to get his girlfriends really awful gifts for Christmas if the relationship was on the rocks. Then he'd dump her right after she got him something twice as good as he got her. And no, the "friend" was not me.

Don't forget the real-world places to meet people that still exist, whether it's early January or in the middle of summer. Grocery stores, libraries, and the gym (with that January membership). I'm not a dating expert, so don't take my word for it.

If you've been lamenting how difficult it is to find love, then early January may be a good time to look for someone who got a crappy Christmas gift from an ex.