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Tipsy Tow and Tow to Go New Years and Beyond

AAA tow to go
I thought I remember seeing that the bus was free last year on New Year's Eve in Jacksonville. This year (2018), that seems to have been replaced by a free tow system. Makes sense, really. The bus is so ineffective in getting anyone home in Jacksonville, since everything tends to be so spread out. Since everyone has a vehicle, the tow service gets your sleigh home with you, too, instead of having to bum a ride back to wherever the party was.

Back in Milwaukee, it was always buses in the city and then free taxi service of some kind in the suburbs. One problem I can attest to happening is that you might party long into the night, but the bus service will eventually end for the evening, leaving you at the last stop. At least if you get a tow, the driver will probably get you all the way home before calling it quits (as long as it's within the 10 mile limit).

New Years might also be a good time to get that abandoned car of your towed away from where you had it dumped in front of your house. I'm thinking of my neighbor here, but it might be the case for you, too. Actually, if you donate that car, a tow truck will come for it, too. Just something to keep in mind.

When I looked up the AAA Tow to Go, it says the service has been around since 1998. Here are the current service areas:

Tow to Go Service Areas
FL, GA, IA, MI, ND, NE, TN, WI and IN (Fort Wayne/South Bend)
Toll Free Phone Number
(855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246

There might be other services in your area, even if you're in the states listed. But you're probably too drunk to find those right now.

I was surprised to see that Tow to Go has been around so long, but I was also surprised that it's not just for New Year's. Here's a list of other times you can call AAA to rescue you:
Super Bowl
St. Patrick's Day
Cinco de Mayo
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas through New Year's

At least I know I have an option for my next big Cinco de Mayo celebration.

It's sweet to know I can get wasted at Christmas parties, or anytime between Christmas and New Year's, and then get a ride home. Except no family members live within 10 miles of me, so I guess AAA would have to take me to a "safe place." I assume the safest place would just be crashing on the family member's couch. But a Walmart parking lot might do in a pinch.

I am a member of AAA, so I am proud to say I help pay for this service to those of you who did not designate a driver. Budweiser also helps pay for it around Jacksonville. It's not meant for planning ahead, so you can't prearrange the tow. But if you are drunk and need to get home for whatever reason, make the call. I really am happy to have a portion of my AAA dues go towards making the roads safer for all of us during the holidays. The problem is that since it's a system for those who failed to plan ahead, you have to hope someone at the party heard about the service and is still making coherent decisions. If so, call the number above or look for a local alternative.

If you are drunk and don't call for a ride, just stay at the party, even if your ex is there and having way too good a time. People are judging you because you tripped over the rug, not because your ex looks great and is happier now.
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