Wednesday, March 27

Male Fashion and Lifestyle - Gray Hair

I just turned in a resume for consideration, and while I was researching the company, I saw a photo of the employees. They looked young. Honestly, that doesn't bother me all that much. After all, I was high school teacher, so everyone looked young at that job. My friend told me that he likes his gray hair because others seem to respect him more at work. Of course, he's a social worker at a hospital, so maybe the gray hair keeps the young doctors from messing with him. Since I'm not sure I want to look quite as old as I am if I actually get an interview somewhere, I guess I have to address the gray hair in this week's male fashion and lifestyle blog entry.

I've seen the ads for Just For Men shampoo. It's intriguing to me that you can just shampoo color into your hair. I bet it sells a lot, since men don't really want to deal with dying hair the old-fashioned way. I asked my wife to pick some of this shampoo up about a year ago, and she brought home the actual dye instead. While I was able to use the dye more times by not using the full amount, it still wasn't fun, and the results included dyed skin because I'm a guy. And a dyed sink that I had to scrub. Plus, the color was just a little too dark. And it made my hair feel like horse hair. And I had a sudden loss of some hair not too long after using it. Some guys complain that the shampoo also causes itching and hair loss. My main concern is that I can get dandruff, so if I use the dye/shampoo to get darker hair, is it just going to accentuate the dandruff I can't treat because I'm using it?

I've actually used a product for some time called YouthHair. I had run out when I asked for the shampoo, and I don't love using it because of the smell--it makes my hair smell like an old man. However, I first used Youthhair when I was trying to fight away gray hair for my cousin's wedding, and that was 8 years ago. That means my first bottle lasted about six years, used sparingly. And it seemed to work, at least for me. I have fairly dark, brown hair. I think I've read that blondes can't really use it, or they at least have to deal with sudden darker areas. If I use it three times as much on the sides as on top, I'm usually good. And then I can stop for a couple weeks until more gray starts creeping in. It's not an instant color, and I woudn't say it works on all of the hairs, so you end up looking like someone who is probably going gray rather than someone who is gray or someone who would be gray without the dye job.

After trying the actual dyes for one year, I decided to pick up another bottle of Youthhair. Maybe it won't last me several years this time, since there are more gray hairs than when I first tried it, but it quietly keeps me from looking as old as I would possibly look if I let nature do its thing. I just got friended on Facebook by a friend who went to high school with me, and he's got a big white beard and a lot of white on his head. It looks fine on him, and it would probably look good on me, too. Older and wiser, I guess. Plus, he doesn't have to worry about the chemicals in dyes and other products. However, looking at his hair alone, you'd figure he's a good five years my senior when I'm actually a year older.

Bottom line is that I'd love to be the kind of guy who lets my head go gray or shaves it all off it I start going bald, but I actually kind of like my hair. Not enough to pay someone to cut it for me, but enough to keep it from going gray if I can.
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