Wednesday, May 1

"12 Odd Tips on Raising Heritage Breed Turkeys You Need to Know" Is The Oddest Google Feed Story Ever

I can usually discern why Google chooses certain stories for me in the news feed on my phone. It's because of what I've been searching. Or what my kids have been searching on another computer tied to my Google account. Or maybe even what I've been saying or photos I've been taking. But I cannot for the life of me figure out why Google decided I wanted to know 12 odd tips for raising Heritage Breed Turkeys.

I am not interested in turkeys, raising turkeys, or even raising any birds. If I had a hankering for raising fowl, I'd probably look for the standard tips rather than odd ones. The article Google found for me seems to be meant for someone who has already begun the process of raising birds and now wants extra information, and that's certainly not me. 

Based on recent searches, I'd been looking for information on teaching and teacher retirement in Florida. My searches tend to be fairly local, unless I'm writing an article that requires research, but I have not (until now) researched turkey farming. And now that I have, I learned that: 
Minnesota leads the nation in turkey production, with 44 million turkeys. Next is North Carolina, with 33 million turkeys. Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, and Virginia round out the list, with each state contributing more than 15 million turkeys annually.
 I've lived in three states, and none of them are on this list. I assume most retired teachers in Florida do not start turkey farms. I have not even searched on any subject related to the six states listed. Sure, some folks might raise Heritage Breed Turkeys in other states, but there seems to be a Turkey Belt in the Central US, and I have no relationship to that geographic location. 

I'm sure this isn't the strangest story I've ever been sent by Google, but it's the one that seems to have the least potential for getting me to click. Oddly enough, I did click on it so that I could copy the title for my own article about it, so now I'm probably on Google's list of 50 people in the country interested in Heritage Breed Turkeys. And because you read this article, you're probably also on that list. Turkey!