Friday, May 10

Retro Fitness and Single Moms

single moms be like...
I feel bad for the employees of Retro Fitness who lost their jobs suddenly. I was surprised when the news framed the story as affecting single moms, but then they backed the statement up by interviewing two single moms who had worked there. While I'm sure Retro Fitness didn't only hire single moms, it almost seems that way based on 100% of former employees interviewed being in that situation and the newscaster calling attention to it. I wonder if Retro Fitness offered some kind of special benefits to single moms.

My wife used to like going to the gym because there was free childcare as part of her membership. It was actually a pretty good deal, even if she just hung out in the hot tub for an hour. I assume Retro Fitness may have had some kind of child care on site, which might have influenced the decisions of some people who wanted to work near their children.

Working at a gym is also a good place to meet a guy who likes to look at himself in a mirror. If I was a single mom, I might want to work in a fitness center rather than a greasy spoon restaurant or the library, since those aren't necessarily places where hot guys hang out.

I'm sure that the reality is that there aren't any more single moms at what used to be Retro Fitness as anywhere else. The news kind of created a perception that single moms work there in order to create sympathy for people who need the paycheck. Viewers are probably more likely to feel concern for single moms than for a convicted felons. However, since there are about 1.5 million felons in Florida AND around 1.5 million single moms, that means your odd of working with either one is about the same. (I'm not sure how many of the felons are still incarcerated, and I'm not sure how many single moms are also convicted felons, but you get the idea.)

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