Sunday, May 12

Mistletoe on my Only Tree

trees with mistletoe
Boo from church told me mistletoe might be pretty at Christmas, but it'll ruin your trees. He also said that I'd have to trim back to the fork in the branch before the mistletoe, and after trimming my only tree down to nearly nothing, I'd have maybe a fifty-fifty chance of it surviving. It's kind of depressing moving from a house with 20+ mature trees to one with a single, sick tree, but I guess that's what I have. 

I looked up medicines and whatnot, but the best solutions were to cut and sometimes wrap the mistletoe for some relief. The weird part is that mistletoe wants the tree to live, since the tree is what keeps the parasite alive. I went back ten years on Google Streetview on my house and found that the tree was already infected back then, which also means trees can live for some time with the infestation. The tree looked pretty bad back then, so I guess I'll just let it die on its own, unless the HOA decides it's an eyesore in the back yard. 

If you get mistletoe and can take action early on, I'm sure there's a chance you can save the tree, or at least it might look like a healthier tree than my single, lonely tree. I assume that if you have a bunch of trees, it's probably best just to cut one down so that others don't get hit. If nothing else, I'll try to remember to cut some mistletoe off the tree this Christmas so I can enjoy the tree a bit more. Actually, I added a ninja zip line thing for the kids to the tree, so it still serves a purpose, even if it's half dead.

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