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Famous YouTubers From Jax

become a youtube sensation
The sun. The sand. The outdoor living. Shirtless guys stealing stuff. Jacksonville should be a great place to create YouTube videos and become a famous YouTuber. That's what my kids want out of life, and it's been accomplished by one couple from the area, but the content might surprise you.

In an area where the weather is bearable most of the time, our most famous YouTube stars record hours of videos of themselves playing video games. Since the game is Minecraft, I assume there is also a lot of prep work, like building worlds or whatever. My wife and I think it's sad our kids spend hours watching these videos, but I also have to remind her that it's any artist's dream to actually sell content online, whether it's the video game, videos, or videos of playing video games.

From what I can perceive from the distance I keep, I believe the couple plays Minecraft in a humorous way, possibly behaving irreverently as part of the schtick. Kids take their Minecrafting seriously, so I can see the draw.

I was going to research more local Youtube celebrities, but then I figured it would be a waste of my time, since it's unlikely I'm interested in any DIY makeup videos from local teen sensations. My kids say there are a lot of famous family Youtubers from Utah, which is kind of not related to this article. I guess I assume a local Jax family vlog might not be quite as wholesome as those from Utah, but I can't prove that. 

If you are a famous Youtube performer from Jacksonville, feel free to reach out to me so that I can add you to this post. I cannot promise I will subscribe or watch any of your videos, but I'll link to your awesome Youtube channel. 

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