Monday, May 13

MKE DNC House Rental

mke dnc house for rent
I suppose if the Super Bowl ever returns to Jacksonville, Airbnb will blow up. It's probably better than building a bunch of hotels that will only get used once. I am not sure how the cruise ship thing went. Anyhow, the Democratic National Convention is coming to Milwaukee just after my one-year lease will run out, so the plan right now is to rent my house out for the event, as long as it makes sense.

The big number being thrown around is $1,000 a night, but I've seen listings already approaching $2,000 per night. It probably depends on the length of stay, too. Since my house is an actual rental, I'm fine with two weeks, which would be perfect for a family or group of fanatical Democrats making their a first trip to Wisconsin. There really is a lot to see, so I assume most renters want more than the two-night, three-day whirlwind tour. In fact, the city will shine much brighter before and after most of the people have gone.

I told my wife that renting our place here in East Arlington would make sense for the Players' Tournament, but that's a whole different ballgame, I assume. I saw similar homes to ours for around $300 a night for the weekend. Enough to go on your own mini-vacation, anyhow. But the DNC, Superbowl, RNC, and other national events provide good opportunities to do a little better than a weekend in Tampa. As a side note, could you imagine the DNC in Miami in July? 100 degrees and 100% humidity.

If you are going to the DNC in Milwaukee from Jacksonville, that would be a dream scenario, since we could meet face-to-face even before the convention. Let me know if you're interested. Right now, I'd be happy with a 14-night rental at $1,000 a night. Here's a link to the house. It's a straight shot down Wisconsin Avenue (or I-94) to downtown. Maybe 15 minutes. 30 minutes on the bus, which runs along Wisconsin. What's better is that you're not STUCK in downtown all of your other days in Milwaukee, and this place will be right next to the Zoo Interchange, which means you can get anywhere worth going in 20-30 minutes.

I'll do a bigger write-up and adjust the pricing as we get closer to the DNC. The photos show furniture that won't be there, but there would be three upstairs bedrooms and two in the finished basement. We'll say up to two people in each bedroom for a total of 10 guests. Or your whole local news crew. No-crime neighborhood, etc.
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