Monday, May 13

Maybe I Need To Give More

A couple of months ago, it was decided I should get a new job outside of the house. I have done some pretty good work at home, but the money has not exactly followed the hours of investment. Basically, I've been trying to do a lot of good by building inexpensive websites for churches and non-profits. But those folks don't find me, and I can't afford the time and advertising to find them, so I'll probably have to leave it to swanky salesmen and overpriced web builders.

Then I got two jobs in a week. Then one went away. And another one. These are long stories, and I'll explain at some point, but one probably disappeared because I was honest about my skills. While I've read that half of millennials think it's cool to lie on a resume, I don't, which means when I get recruited for something in which I have limited experience, I tell the employer. I was hired and then let go, probably because I had been honest. The other one was an employer who hired me for a future job and then (apparently) found a better fit before the job began, and before we signed a contract. Anyhow, no new job right now.

So, my main failings are that I am honest and want to give to others. Since I live in Florida, that should make me a unique potential employee. My wife decided to ask for some advice from a friend of hers who is connected in Jacksonville, and one piece of advice was to get out and volunteer. Also, she suggested interviewing local business people at companies where I might want to work, but the volunteering one is the idea I kind of jumped on. Why not, really? I've already given a lot of myself, so maybe if I get out there and do the same thing with other people, I'll meet others who think the same way. So I'll create a network of people who are also giving, possibly honest, and who might possibly be giving back because they live in mansions. I'm kidding. They probably have mundane jobs that pay the bills, like I want to have.

Unfortunately, the (two) Meetups I found that are about volunteering seem to either focus on feeding the needy or paying money for a cause. I tried a brand-new one that is about designing for good, and maybe that will lead to something more interesting. If not, there are plenty of get-rich-quick business Meetups in the area I can join, which are probably great places to start a career in scamming others.