Thursday, May 30

Non-lol Moment: Sewer Main Line

Sewer Main Line
I was reading through the posts in my Nextdoor app, and I saw this one that seemed to use an odd lol moment:

I need a plumber to re-pipe from the street to my house. Someone who does a good job and reasonably priced (inexpensive) lol.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how lol fits into this request for a recommendation. Maybe we have to dig deeper into the text. To me, it's a TSS (total sh!t storm, not that's so sweet) or WTF situation.

Plumbers can be funny, especially if we're talking about middle-aged men wearing jeans that ride low. And there are lots of plumbing analogies for adult pastimes. I don't think she meant to call attention to either of these interpretations. The word "re-pipe" is kind of funny, but that's again probably not what she's laughing at. And since I know French, the word "pipe" is always lol to me.

It could be that my neighbor thinks it's funny to need to replace a main sewerage line. If that's the case, I have to assume she has not been living with a clogged main line for several days, having to take showers and use the toilet at the local Walmart or at her church. It's possible she's thinking about all of the insanity when she's lol-ing, but living with a backed up main sewer line was way beyond lol for our family. Maybe lol as part of the Christmas letter months later.

The fact that there's an "is" missing in the second sentence is a simple grammatical error, but most people do not add an error and then laugh out loud about the error itself. However, it does seem as if the lol is tied more to the second sentence than the first.

It could be that the woman writing the post has hired a lot of plumbers who have not been reasonably priced and/or who have not done a good job, in which case she's loling ironically.

I could see the lol because she's assuming a contractor exists that is both reasonably priced AND does a good job, but that's more of an audience lol.

The lol could be referring to the parenthetical "(inexpensive)." It seems to be defining "reasonably priced" in the sentence, as if that needed to be done. I guess to a plumber, a reasonable price is whatever he or she charges. To me, a reasonable price would be paying someone to complete the job, since our plumber who was charged with clearing the main line basically said he didn't have the tools to do it, which led to me doing it myself, and wondering why we paid $100 and used our home buyer's insurance to be told we needed to set up another appointment.

What's really funny is that we need to post to a forum of strangers to hunt these elusive plumbers down rather than just look in the Yellow Pages like my dad did back when I was a kid. AAA Plumbing...good enough. When they mess up, I'll try B-Nice Plumbing.

I hope she found someone to fix the sewer main line quickly. lol

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